“Treating it like a business” doesn’t mean going to the next event. Or buying your upline’s favorite book.


Treating it like a business means growing your team like a CEO of a huge corporation would.


Figuring out how to spend a horse load of money on marketing and monetizing it so he makes more than he spends.


If he can spend $1m a day in marketing but can make $1.3m a day from the corresponding sales, is that a good deal?




The only way you’ll get big is when you learn how to do the same thing.


I go over the exact process in this video:


But here’s the bottom line:


1. Forget everything you’ve been taught. Seriously. The folklore of Network Marketing was birthed in the 60’s. The world has changed. We didn’t even have cell phones back then.


2. Use advertising to generate leads.


3. Use those leads to generate revenue and recruits.


Just like the big CEO.


After all, if I can spend $1m a day and get $1.1m back plus 100 new recruits, is that worth it?


Of course.


We’re not even close to $1m/day but you get the picture.


Here’s the video again: https://youtu.be/8xbPcO4MTW0


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