The engine room of any marketing strategy you’ll use to get more people into your team is the lead magnet.


If the lead magnet doesn’t deliver massive, actionable value to your prospect - they’re not going to proceed down the process of working with you.


The problem is not “how to” create a lead magnet in most cases. That’s pretty easy. Just get a Clickfunnels account and watch a few how-to videos.


The problem is WHAT do you teach in your lead magnet if you have no credibility in the network marketing industry yet...


Well, thankfully the solution is a technique that takes zero experience to implement.


I outline it here in this 6 minute video.

Now, I have to warn you - like anything worthwhile, this technique is quite simple but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s going to take a work ethic to implement.


But I don’t think you’d be reading this if you were looking for a free lunch.


You’re here because you want to earn your keep. And that’s exactly who I want to hang out with.


Here’s the video again:


Talk soon,




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