After 6 years in my first business I was still turning down vacations because I knew if I took 4 days off my team would fall apart. Not a good place to be.




I was attracting high quality people but we weren’t setting expectations up front. Their mindset was that “we worked for them.”


Which couldn’t be further from the truth.


We FINALLY fixed this by setting stern and unmovable expectations BEFORE they ever got registered. We expect the BEST from our people.


You better believe I’m not going to do something for you if you can do it for yourself. If you cater to the weak, you’ll have a weak team.


Your growth will likely slow down when initially implementing higher expectations but eventually… it’ll slingshot because your team will grow without you.


Bonus Lesson in Network Marketing: Act As If - “I’ll get on an auto-ship when I have a team.”


“I’ll start sponsoring more when I have more.”


This is the mindset of followers, not leader's.


If you want to be a leader, you have to act like one BEFORE you have a team.


Everyone WANTS duplication but… do they really?


Do you really want your team duplicating your work ethic right now?


Your volume?


Your personal growth habit?


Your ability to conquer fear?


Here’s the litmus test…


“If I had 1000 people duplicating me RIGHT NOW, would I be happy?”


Unless you can answer that with an unequivocal YES, you need to adjust your habits until you can.


You don’t build a movement when you have a team, you build it BEFORE you have a team.


Life Lesson: No One Owes You Jack - “Ain’t no one gonna give me a job!” Says the man getting interviewed.


You’re right, no one gonna give you a job. A job is not a privilege, it’s a problem being solved.


People give you a job when they have a problem and YOU have a solution. Even if that solution is a warm body flipping burgers.


The more people who are qualified to do the job, the less it pays.


You don’t get more money by demanding it. You get more money by acquiring more skill sets and becoming more “qualified.”


If you think anyone owes you ANYTHING, you’re in for a world of hurt. If you want to be successful AND you want someone to give you something, you’re wishing for two competing ideals. You expect socialism when you “need” it and you expect a capitalistic society to earn your success from.


Doesn’t work that way.


Collecting unemployment and “chasing success” are as far as the east is from the west.


You can’t hope for someone (or government) to bail you out when you’re hurting and then get angry at your taxes when you’re earning multiple six figures.


It’s one or the other.


Quote I Love: “Don’t lick the lollipop of mediocrity or you’ll suck forever.” - My pastor.


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