Most people that get some success get stuck between $2 - $5k for life.




They might have $9k months but they also have $2k months.


Average their income out and they’re probably below $5k. Which honestly, is not very comfortable to live on for a family.


If you’re just starting out, you may be wondering how that’s possible…


It’s called the “Jimmy Gucci” syndrome and it’s DEADLY.


I explain how to avoid it entirely in this video:

Bottom line is this:


You’re not “rich” and you haven’t “made it” in my opinion until you can stop working FOREVER.


But most people think they’re rich when they’re making $5k/month so they start setting off landmines in their business.


Most notably, they set of the Jimmy Gucci mine.


Which is not only a business killing warhead but it’s also a chain to mediocrity amongst the medium level performers in MLM.


There is ONLY ONE way to break out of the kid’s club and it’s revealed in this video.


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