Generating leads is 70% of the sponsoring battle but closing is the other 30%.


In fact, closing leads from funnels is a totally different ball game than closing your friend from Facebook. But fear not, it’s really not that hard if you employ just a few basic principles.


In this video, I show you exactly how:



Here’s the bottom line:


1. Get your prospects in a different way than your competition. Congrats, if you’re running ads to a funnel, you’ve got this nailed.


2. Don’t sound like a tool. I mean a sales guy… (I show you how in the video)


3. Create an incredible offer. The best sales people don’t try to sell ice to eskimos, they give them a great deal on heaters!


4. Use the power of silence.


Finally, know this: You MUST become a good phone closer before you can automate your closing in a webinar or sales letter. It is MUCH easier to close over the phone than it is via webinar. Why?


Because you can adapt to each person on a phone call but once that webinar is playing, you’re stuck. So the best way to do this if you want to fully automate your closing process is to become a master phone closer FIRST and then take everything you said on the phone and put it in a webinar. You can thank me later for saving you 3-4 years of your life 🙂


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