Lot’s of inexperienced network marketing “coaches” say you can’t run Facebook ads for our industry.
That’s just flat out wrong.
By June this year, I’d already spent over $50,000 on Facebook ads alone for our business.
And I’ve made around $260k back from those same ads.
That’s a top line profit of $190,000 and that’s not even counting all the monthly residual from the MLM itself.
(Note there are some other traffic sources mixed in that led to the $260k in revenue shown in the video. I did not filter everything out to get hyper exact numbers. But clearly it was profitable. You get the picture.)
Here’s what’s even crazier…
That is one of our three merchant accounts…
And that is one of our three main traffic sources.
I don’t say that to brag. In fact, those numbers are pretty small comparatively.
I say that to impress upon you that you CAN RUN FACEBOOK ADS for network marketing.
You just have to do it correctly.
I show you exactly how to do it in this video:

But the bottom line is this: Promote the “system of growth” rather than the MLM itself.


If you run ads for your MLM itself or the opportunity, you’re screwed. You’ll get denied and even if you sneak an ad through, it’ll fall on its face.


So don’t stress out if you can’t run ads for your company’s product, opportunity or industry - it’s NOT about that anyway.



Most people who join our team want to before they even know what company we’re with.


That’s because it is NOT about your company and it’s barely about you.


It’s about the SYSTEM that you bring to the table because that system translates into “This will work for me!”


If your prospects don’t think that it’ll work for them, I don’t care what kind of pitch you have - it won’t stick.


So… watch this video intently. I’m sick of MLM coaches who don’t even make money from a MLM anymore sling stupid (and flat incorrect) advice.


Here’s the video:


Now, let’s do this.


Talk soon,



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