You probably know that a SLO is the bedrock of your business. This is a non-negotiable aspect if you plan to play in the advertising/funnel jungle.


If you have a solid SLO you will crush 80% of all your competition and honestly, that’s going to be enough for most of you.


But if you want to play really big and scale like crazy, you’re gonna need to go up against the pros.


See, advertising is the definition of a zero-sum game. There is only ONE person that gets the traffic in the ad auction.


Bidding on ads is like bidding in a regular auction. A bunch of interest in an audience drives up the price and the person who will spend the most, wins.


And if you don’t have limitless pockets, you will naturally get beat.


This is why you need a SLO. It gives you the limitless pockets. Because if you don’t, you can’t afford to compete.


It’s also why once you get out of little league and into the bigger leagues (past $500/day), you can’t rely on the same ad/funnel and backend as you did before.


I go over everything in this video:

But what I’m getting at is that you need to optimize each aspect of your ads, funnels and customer experience if you want to compete at a higher level and cross the 7 figure mark.


Now don’t misunderstand me, you can easily hit 6 figures without being an optimization junkie..


In fact, in the beginning, you need to be approaching this from a big-picture frame of mind than an optimization one.


If you optimize crap, it still sucks.


Find the gold first, then optimize it.


If you’re ready for it, this is one of the most important aspects of running a system like this.


Here it is again:


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