The fastest way to depression in network marketing is by spending time with people who don’t actually want you to help them.
I’m sure you’ve done it. I know I have and I don’t know any networker who didn’t do it for at least a few months. Most do it for years… if they last that long.
Since recruiting someone used to be so hard before Rebels, most upline, myself included, would do ANYTHING it took to keep someone in the business.
Which is flat out WRONG.
Sadly, most people just aren’t cut out for success.
You don’t make winners, you find them.
It was true yesterday. It’s true today. And will be true tomorrow.
That’s exactly why you need to ONLY spend your time with PRODUCERS on your team.
The cream will rise to the top.
I explain the litmus test and more in this video:
What will happen to the ‘non-producers’?
They’ll stay in if you know how to create a culture. They’ll quit if you don’t.
Either way, they will not contribute in a meaningful way to the growth of your team. At best they will represent an auto-ship and a warm body.
So, as the leader if you are spending time with ANYONE who does not celebrate your time, you need to eliminate that from your schedule.
If that leaves you with no one on your team, then be thankful. 
You have nothing weighing you down from focusing on sponsoring worthy downline.
Here’s the video again:
Let’s go where we’re celebrated.
Talk soon,
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