I love the primal, pure force of the ocean.


When I need to clear my head I drive to the mountains or the ocean for their majestic beauty. There’s something about realizing how small we really are and remembering how little we truly know that puts things into perspective.


...that allows us to get out of our own head and into an intelligence greater than ours...


One of my most viewed yet controversial videos is a lesson that the water taught me a few years ago on the Indian ocean in Bali.


But just the other day, on the coast of the Pacific, another lesson blew up in my brain in an instant.


It’s really quite simple: Most business owners are more comfortable on the shore or in the crash zone than in the calmness of the sea.


If you’ve ever been surfing, you know that the hardest part is paddling past the crash zone, which is where the waves break. Once you get beyond it, you can just float until you want to catch a wave.


But if you don’t get through the crash zone, you’ll have some of the scariest moments of your life.


In business, most people work just hard enough to get themselves angry. They’re working enough to feel they deserve a result but not hard enough to truly get one.


They’re doing just enough to get a new person in every now and then and make some sales but not enough to make any real money.


This is the crash zone.


And most people finish out their business careers in the crash zone.


But there’s a way to get out…


I just recorded a podcast on this and want you to listen to it.


Get Out of the Crash Zone


Talk soon,




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