Over the last couple days we’ve been talking about the 80/20 principle for Network Marketing.


The feedback has been so good on the podcast that I just recorded a brand new video yesterday on the topic. You can check it out here:




But I spent 3-4 hours per night cold-contacting strangers at gas stations to generate leads for my network marketing business.


For 5 YEARS.


People who hear my story think I’m exaggerating. I’m not. That was really my life for 5 years.


I really did drive a 30 mile circuit two times every night after work stopping at 15-20 gas stations in order to “bump into” strangers, spark up a conversation and see if they’d be interested in MLM. Fun times.


I really did go through my phone list 15+ times re-calling ALL of my friends to see if things had changed and if now they’d be interested…


I really did stalk Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms to “meet” people there (with the full intention of pitching them later).


This was my life.


It’d be one thing if I was making tons of money during this process. The work would still suck but at least I’d have money.


The reality is that I was barely making anything from MLM back then. The also stark reality is that my upline (who I still respect today) wasn’t making more than $10k/month on average. (Which is not good btw)


The reason I was failing was actually two fold. One of the reasons I won’t go into today but the other is likely why you and 95% of everyone you know isn’t getting the results they deserve.


It’s not because I didn’t know my “why” (though I was told to believe it was)


It’s not because I wasn’t working hard enough (though I was told that too)


It’s not because I was missing the “secret” (I was told that too)


It’s because I was focused on the WRONG THINGS.


I was focused on activities that sucked up 80% of my time and gave me 20% of the results. More accurately, I was focusing 95% of my efforts on things that gave me 5% of the results.


You should be doing the opposite.


How would you like to go from where you’re at now to applying just 5% of your current effort while still receiving 95% of your currents results?


What if, once you found those levers, you could focus there and do ONLY those 5% actives and get your current 95% results each time you pulled the lever?


It’s possible. And honestly…


That’s true freedom.


Most well-meaning upline in this industry who preach freedom aren’t actually free at all. (Or if they are free, it’s because it’s built on the backs of their team.)


Most “free” upline actually work 40-80 hour weeks doing meetings, 3-way calls, text convos, being available 24/7 and doing trainings.


On the contrary, I check messages for 30 minutes per day, do one training per week, only speak with my top producers and ACTUALLY TEACH MY TEAM how to do the same. I don’t rely on them to be my lead gen arm.


You can do the same.


I want you to.


And today, I’m going to prove that by giving you this 80/20 training completely for free.


As I said yesterday, we’ve received more praise on this 40 minute training than ANYTHING we’ve ever done aside from build the Rebels Recruiting System.


If you ruthlessly apply what I’m about to show you, your business life could change not just for a moment or a glimpse…


But for a lifetime.


Don’t treat this lightly. 80/20 For Network Marketing

Pretend you invested thousands for this.


Here it is again:


I’m so excited for you.




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