This “gas station” ad has been crushing it for over a year. To the point where I’ve literally seen copycat ads trying to rip off the “gas station” concept.

Here’s the thing…


The effectiveness of the ad is not the magic script I used (I wrote it in about an hour).


It’s not the super whiz bang camera set up (most of my ads are shot on an iPhone).


And it’s not that I had a big presence on YouTube when I shot this. In fact, this was our VERY FIRST YouTube ad…


The reason the ad has been working for over a year for me and can’t last a month for the copycats is two reasons:


1. The iceberg is much larger underneath the surface.


Funnel Hackers are funny. They think that if they rip off a funnel or an ad that they’ll succeed. Maybe short term, sure. But not long term. Con artists get smoked.


Don’t get me wrong. I love funnel hacking and seeing what’s working. I probably funnel hack and purchase 1-2 products per month just to see the sales process.


But so many forget that the funnel is JUST THE SALES PROCESS.


If you bought a car from a dealership and the sales person/dealership was absolutely mind blowing… free coffee, massage, concierge service and the works, you’d be pretty impressed.


But what if the car broke down 2 months later?


Would you still be impressed?


What if the dealership wouldn’t even help you? What if they sent you to their crappy support email that they didn’t reply to for 7 days?


Would you remember how well they “hacked” another successful dealerships’ funnel?


Nope. You wouldn’t care one iota.


See, the Rebels Iceberg is 100x larger UNDER the ads and funnels. That’s how we can retain our clients and reps and stay profitable.


Meaning we can spend WAY more on our ads than the copycats can. Because the business is stable and goes deep.


Hacking someone can get you started like it did me. But you have to truly become a business OWNER and leader of your team in order to have a funnel that lasts for more than a year.


This is why you see so many sparklers in the funnel community btw. (sparklers start bright but burn out quick)


2. The gas station story is actually true. I really did meet people at gas stations for 3-4 hours per night, EVERY night for 5 years.


I really didn’t take a day off besides Christmas. Yes, I even cold contacted people on my birthday, Christmas Eve and Sundays.


I really did sponsor about 40 people personally that I met at gas stations.


And I really did still have to work a job.


I didn’t write this ad because it was cute. I wrote it because the story is true. The struggle was legit and the success we’ve received now is legit.


People can see through bullshizzle.


What’s my point? Your story you’re going through now is worth it! I had no idea that the pain I felt driving “My route” every night was going to lead to anything.


I sure as heck had NO CLUE that it would turn into the bedrock story of MLM Rebels.


So whatever you’re going through, there is a purpose. There is a point. Thousands of people will relate to you and it will be worth it IF you stick it out.


No one would have cared about my gas station escapades if I gave up, wet myself and quit. It would have been a worthless experience.


I didn’t want all of that to be in vain and I don’t want your story to be in vain.


Don’t quit. It is worth it. You’re “writing your ad” right now.


Here’s the gas station once again.


See yourself in it. Whatever you’re going through, there is a reason

To your success,




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