How cliche… “Forgive yourself.”


Well, the reality is that NOT forgiving myself was one of the main reasons we were not progressing at the speed we could have.


See, I had spent 6 years in old school network marketing failing miserably. I spent over $50,000, half a decade and thousands of hours building a $1000 per month income.


Meanwhile, I had friends in the corporate world advancing, buying homes and some even making multiple 6 figures.


And here I was “chasing a dream”...


More like chasing my tail.


When Rebels began, it was almost immediately successful.


But it wasn’t huge and it wasn’t out of control.


It was making money and our team was growing but it was nothing to write home about.


And to be totally honest, in the beginning…


We weren’t even sure if we’d see this thing through. It was a lot harder than I thought…


But then something shifted…


And the next month, we made over $10,000. ($16k actually)


Then we did it again.


And then it was $20k.


Then $25k.


Then $40k.


Then $70k.


Then $100k.


And… more.


And it just kept on growing...


(All of that is not our personal income btw. These are revenue numbers.)


My question is, do you want to know what shifted?


I’ll tell you right now that it was ONE major thing.


Forgiving ME.


And it was combined with just two more ingredients.




Not 200. Not 2,000.




If you do these 3 things, I believe you’re one the road to your most wild financial goals.


I recorded this podcast for you to lay out those three things.


Honestly, with how much good stuff is coming out of the podcast, I’ve considered putting it behind a paywall.


But for now, I just want to give this to you. I want you to implement these 3 “keys” right now and get to actually living the vision in your heart.


Here it is: “How To Win” Podcast by MLM Rebels


Talk soon,




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