You know... I never wanted to buck the system. Before Rebels, I wish that we would have got results the old school way.


Ashley and I were true blooded network marketers. Through and through.


We followed the system we were given to a T.


Only after 6 years of 60 hour weeks and unadulterated focus did we consider ‘bucking the system.’


The reason we did is because those getting results in old school network marketing are the exception, not the norm.


A process or program that works should give results to the majority of people who follow it. They shouldn’t be exceptions.


I bring this up because as Rebels grows, we have an increasingly larger view of the industry at large and behaviors inside of it.


Here’s what we’ve found…


95%+ of ALL of the questions we receive both from our own team and from other teams are a result of…


NOT following the system. Seriously.


It’s people not going through the program in order, not listening, making new processes or complicating current ones.


I’d probably even say it’s responsible for 99% of the questions that we get.


And look, I get it.


I was the recipient of a crappy process shoved down my throat for 6 years. I have major trust issues with “programs” because of it.


But when I do my due diligence and invest in someone else’s experience…




Here’s a quick story from the words of one of my top internal sales reps. Check this out:


"This is going to be very bold. If I offend anyone I apologize.....

When I first started with Rebels (nearly a year ago - Wow. 10 months to be exact - I thought "I can do this - I have ________" (fill in the verbal vomit about what I have done in the past.)


I did what I had always done.


I failed miserably. (NO Joke)


Zach and Ashley were actually on vacation - if he had not been, likely I would not be here anymore.


I got on the phone with Uncle G - "what the F____ so you think you are doing. You have NO RIGHT to do anything other than the current system - THEN you can make your dumbA*** tweaks"


G: What is the expected peak that Zach would say "ok he is a superstar"


A: 20-25% close ratio off of an application.


G: Great then you are not allow to do anything other than word for word until then.


Fast forward to a month later and I was hitting big numbers....


Zach: (again this is a quote after listening to calls)

- "Andy you are reading the script word for word

- now you can't tell unless you have a script in front of you - but you are reading this word for word."


Now you can do what you want - but I have heard this so many times I need to just put it out there.


"Well I took the script and kind of rewrote it for my own and now I am ready to make calls"

What?????? I am telling you - you can take this script and read it word for word and you can get closing 20-30 percent of your apps and 2.5 - 5% of total leads.


Ed Catmull (President of Disney Animation) and I were sitting down at a dinner for the Economic Development Council for the Intermountain West. He was sitting across from me and never losing an opportunity to learn I just asked "What is the biggest thing you did to turn around Disney Animation/Pixar to where it is today?" I never shared this with anyone but it is POWER...GOLD.


1st - We instituted "Get over yourself" - dont let your past projects or knowledge get in the way of TODAY - so anyone at anytime can critique one's work.


2nd - (if I were you write this down somewhere) - TRUST THE PROCESS...we let the process, the systems and our work progress at the speed it is meant - but we MUST (good word)




Zach in one of his emails this weekend - put it this way:


"Don’t worry about what works “fast.”
Worry about what works forever.""


See, the “process” doesn’t work because I am a genius.


The process works because we designed a system that got results, then we spent the past 3 years optimizing it down to the .1%.


It is simply data optimization.


If you aren’t able to spend 3 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars and devote your life to beating the process, just follow it. Save the time, money and actually get results NOW.


The ‘process’ will change in 3-5 years - guaranteed. The world will change and so will we. It’s about adapting when it does. But right now, the process works exactly as we teach it.


So, if you’re considering investing in Rebels or you’re already a part of Rebels, you are on the right path.


But don’t come into a winning program with the assumption that you will get results if you don’t follow the winning program verbatim.


After you hit AT LEAST multiple six figures, THEN you can start thinking about tweaking things.


But if you’re not there yet, don’t even consider it. It’s a total waste of your investment.


I completely believe you. If you’ve read this far, I think you have everything it takes.


It’s time to truly hit the gas.


In the words of my friend, Andy…


“If you leave the door open on a jet, it’s going to be a pretty chilly ride. Close the door, burn the bridges and go all in.”


Talk soon,




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