You CAN get lucky.
I’ve seen quite a few people strike gold by mastering the new hot thing - like Facebook fan pages. Remember that bubble?
But most of them have no idea what they’re doing now. Why?
Because they never had a timeless skill. They only had the fad.
See, before radio was dominant, newspapers reigned supreme…
Then TV came in and ruined the game. We could now SEE people from the other side of the world inside this magic box. Insane.
Once all the ad men got settled into the TV and magazine game, the internet comes and absolutely crushes the media networks.
Google was the dominant leader for years. Then they got “smart” and slapped their advertisers multiple times with algorithm changes. And thousands of entrepreneur’s businesses vaporized overnight.
And by 2010 Facebook was just ramping up their revenue engine…
The most powerful ad targeting machine in existence.
Goodbye Google.
What’s the lesson?
Facebook DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. Neither does Google, YouTube, Twitter or some random blog.
That’s why you cannot put all your eggs in one basket and you must learn a TIMELESS skill that can be applied to ANY platform that comes along. (Rather than just what’s “hot” now)
This is so vital, I recorded another podcast about this exact thing. You can listen to it here:
That’s exactly why we teach copywriting and marketing strategy in Rebels. So that if Facebook continues to “slap” it’s advertisers like Google did. It won’t matter. You can just plug your copy and strategy into another platform.
Obviously, you also need a “hot skill,” like Facebook ads, Google ads or whatever and we teach whatever is working best too.
But the bottom line is the TIMELESS skills are far more important than any fad.
Timeless skill + “Hot” skill = Perpetual freedom.

Here’s the podcast again:

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