It’s a sad fact in Network Marketing that we’re taught to market to friends and family and overall - people who have never expressed an interest in our business model.
See, in REAL marketing, attempting to sell someone something they haven’t expressed interest in is…
That’s why ONLY big brands do it.
Marlboro is willing to market to people who don’t smoke yet because they’re huge (and cigarettes are addicting).
Same with McDonalds.
It’s very expensive and they’re relying on LIFETIME repeat purchases.
See, in business there’s something called “cost per acquisition”. Which is how much time and money you have to spend to get a customer (or a rep on your team).
The less aware the prospect is about their “need”, the more expensive they are to acquire.
For instance, if I have a flat tire, I am aware of my problem AND I am aware of my solution - I need a new tire. I’m a HOT prospect.
If my steering wheel is shaking but there are no visible signs of malfunction, I am problem aware.
But if there are NO signs whatsoever of my car being broken yet something is broken contrary to my knowledge…
I am problem UNAWARE.
That means I will be VERY expensive for a car repair shop to market to right now.
This is what most network marketers do…
They focus on people who are unaware of their problem. They are unaware of their need for your business opportunity.

I explain this in detail in this video:


The bottom line is: Focus your marketing efforts on prospects who MINIMALLY are problem aware.


It’s really not that hard to find someone who wants to better themselves financially with advertising technology today.


So don’t focus on the super expensive, hard to convince prospects. Focus on the ones who actually want what you’ve got.


Here’s the video again.


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