It wouldn’t be a healthy Friday without Cinco Bala. This week's top 5 lessons, hacks and quotes I’ve been pondering, applying and battling.


For those of you who are new, this is a concept I took from Tim Ferriss. (This is just focused on MLM and online marketing) If you don’t subscribe to his newsletter. You should do it.


Lessons in Online Marketing: Change Your Questions - Don’t ask HOW, ask WHO.


One of the detriments to growth is constantly asking “How am I going to do this?”


As entrepreneurs we constantly overload ourselves with to-do’s and opportunities. I know, because I do it and so do most of my peers.


We think that this MUST get done and so does this. Even when we prioritize, it seems that too many things bubble up. In fact, I’ve been dealing with this a lot this week.


In order to grow we have to stop trying to do everything ourselves and stop asking “how do I do this?” and ask “Who can help me with this?”


Clearly, having more “who’s” in your business is more expensive than less who’s. But there comes a breaking point where you can either go nuts and spin your wheels…


Or bring someone else in who can help you.


Choose your sanity and scale.


Lesson in Network Marketing: Why Top Earners Go Broke - This applies to top earners in network marketing and big earners in other avenues.


There’s a whole slew of information I could share here but I’m going to go over the basics...


The worldwide financial situation and personal finance are passions of mine and it makes me insanely sad to see people in my life making hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars only to watch it vaporize after one bad situation.


The ROOT of financial ruin IF you’re making a lot of money (even if you’re not) is spending up to your means.


Meaning if you’re making $500,000 you should not spend $500,000.


Seems obvious if you’re making $50,000 a year, but I promise, the lure of spending more when you’re making more is very real. It’s VERY easy to spend up to your limits without even realizing it. (I do it sometimes and I’m a psycho about this.)


Which is why you need a plan. NOW.


BEFORE you start crushing it.


And if you are crushing it, if your business was taken away from you overnight, what would happen to your finances?


What if you couldn’t operate in the industry any more? What if you LEGALLY couldn’t do it?


What would you do?


Investments and protection are a topic for another time but the bottom line basics are:


-Don’t spend all you have


-Determine when “enough” is.


-Invest the rest.


Meaning - figure out what your ideal lifestyle looks like, financially. Work to earn it. And invest everything above that.


And up until that point, invest a predetermined amount of your income.


I have personal friends who at one point made $800,000+ in their business on a nearly 100% residual basis.


One bad decision crippled his income to about $100k.


He lost his homes to foreclosure, sold his cars and liquidated almost everything.


No doubt, that kind of hit would have crushed him no matter what.


But I promise you that if he invested even $200k each year instead of $20k, his financial situation would have looked much different.


Don’t make the mistake of being a top earner who has to go get a real estate job because you didn’t have a plan.


Quote I Love: An opinion is a poor excuse for an experience. - Tony Robbins


Another Quote I Love: This is the secret to life - to be completely engaged with what you're doing here and now. And instead of calling it work - realize it's play. - Alan Watts.


Good app for a great habit: Headspace - I’ve written about my meditation practices before and you may know that I really like a few particular meditations to follow…


But I got to the point where I was so used to the meditations I was using that I would basically zone out. I needed another guide to follow but everything I was finding wasn’t what I was looking for, for one reason or another.


Well, this app - Headspace is pretty great. Whether you’re just starting out on your meditation journey or are a stone cold veteran, I recommend checking it out.


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