Most business owners die because they fight fair.


Here’s how you win: Play games where the deck is stacked in your favor.


What happens if it’s not though?


Reposition yourself.


ie: shuffle the deck so that it’s no longer a fair fight.


You will struggle FOREVER if you’re coming to the world of business where guns ablaze with a pocket knife.


We call this concept a “red ocean” in marketing circles.


It means the waters are bloody from all the competition.


Your competition is fierce and your prospects have lots of options.


You stand no chance to succeed long term if you join a battle where victors already own the high ground.


But thankfully, the solution is actually pretty simple.


It’s called the “Blue ocean strategy”.


I explain it in depth for network marketers in this video:

But here’s the skinny: Carve out a section of the market where you are by default either the best or the first.


Meaning find or create an ocean where there’s no blood yet.


For example, one of our clients ONLY targets military personnel who are ALREADY interested in home business.


By default, in the military prospect’s mind, he is light years ahead of anyone else trying to sell them a business opportunity.


He is relatable. He has been where they’re at. He is where they want to be.


No other Joe Blow stands a chance.


Your initial goal in marketing is to find or create your blue ocean.


Could it be helping single dads become financially independent?


Could it be helping depressed Christian women get their spark back after kids?


Could it be helping retired professional athletes build the nest egg they lost?


Do you see how powerful it can be to carve out your niche?


Remember, the riches are in the niches.


Stop trying to please everyone.


If you cater to everyone, you sell no one.


I love what Dan Kennedy says: If you’re not pissing someone off by noon each day, you’re not marketing hard enough.


Here’s the “blue ocean strategy for network marketing” video:


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