You may have heard my personal “rule” for when I had a job...


“If I show up for my boss today, I’m showing up for me today”.


Actually, it was my upline’s rule that I quickly adopted at 20 years old.


If I got sick and went into my job anyway that day, I also showed up in my business that night.


The only way I was allowed to not work my business was if I didn’t work my job also.


My upline said - “If you treat your business like a hobby, it will pay you as a hobby but if you treat it as a business, it will pay you as a business”.


Here’s what’s nuts, it took me 8 years to get it to pay me full time…




And I wasn’t poking it with a stick for 8 years. I was putting in 40+ hours a week on top of my full time, corporate job.


A student once said to John Maxwell, “I would love to do what you do”.


His response was, “But are you willing to do what I’ve done, to do what I do?”


I’ve found that most people are not.


They want the end result, yes, but are unwilling to do what it took to get it.


Here’s what it really comes down to…


Do you treat your business like a cherry on top of your finances?


Or like your lifeline?


Even in these “uncertain times”, 100% of network marketers are still doing something to survive - meaning they’re still showing up for their job, collecting a retirement check, driving Uber, Door Dash etc. to live.


Yet only a small fraction are truly showing up for their own business afterwards.


Here’s my philosophy - My bills don’t stop just because of social unrest or the “current situation” so why should I?


Thanks to strong leadership, that has been my philosophy since day one in network marketing.


I have hundreds of people who treat their business like it “might someday work”.


And it might…


But probably not.


The ones who make it are the ones who say this MUST work and they do NOT slow down for ANYTHING.


Here’s what else is cool…


There’s a little benefit of not slowing down…


It’s called mental stability. Another upline once told me “consistency breeds emotional stability”.


You know who I hear complaining the most about the “current situation”?


The ones who don’t take MASSIVE action in the part of their business where their heart truly lies.


Meaning it’s easy to screw around in the “operations” of your business (buying whiteboards, drawing your team out, studying products, ‘helping’ downline, building funnels etc.) than it is to focus on growth.


But we both know who controls the future…


The producers.


And that’s why you’re here.


At your core, you’re a producer. You feel alive when you feel MOMENTUM.


In fact, I would bet that you equate the term “happiness” to the feeling of “momentum” in your life.


People die a slow death in quiet desperation because they don’t align with their true self and sign up for a ‘safe’ life.


The part I’m here to tell you is that most network marketers also sign up for a ‘safe’ existence in this industry.


But not you.


If you're here, I know you're here to WIN.


And those that win leave it ALL on the field.


Every piece of them.


At the end of their days they confidently say to their creator - “I used everything you gave me”.


So, let’s commit together to give it our all. Especially now.


Let’s commit to being producers.


I know YOU are one. I know you wouldn’t still be reading this right now if you weren’t.


I’m with you.


Talk soon,




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