The undeniable benefit of online marketing is scale.
Instead of approaching and pitching people one on one, I can do it one on a thousand.
It’s kinda like an old school hotel meeting. If I’m speaking on stage with 1,000 guests, I’m compounding my effort. 
Problem is, who is going to get those 1,000 guests? My team is the only possible option. Which would take years to build.
But with online marketing, I can get 1,000 people to my pitch each week all by myself by simply scaling my ads.
Not to mention what would happen if my team followed suit.
Now, what if I combined that with an upfront commission machine also?
Now, I have scale for growing my team but I also have upfront money from it too.
I explain the whole process in this video I made today.

But here’s what it really comes down to:


Focus on something that can last for months or years. Ads. Not posting. Not becoming an influencer.




Next, pay for your ads with your customer’s money. If you do this, you can advertise for “free” with no money out of pocket.


And finally, put them into your team. Where you’ll have a residual income stream for as long as they stick.


Once again, I go over the whole thing in this video.


You can check it out here.


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