Lesson in Network Marketing: Don’t Cater To The Weak - Cater to the weak if you want a weak team.


Serving does not mean doing it for them. Nor does it mean telling people what they want to hear.


Leadership is helping someone achieve their goals long after the emotion in which they made the decision has left them.


So many networkers want to “help” people that they hurt them. Their heart is in the right place but their actions are not.


The first rule of leadership in this business is never, ever lower your standards to meet theirs. They are joining YOU because they want a better life, not because you want a more mediocre one.


“Don’t lick the lollipop of mediocrity or you’ll suck forever.” - My pastor.


Next Lesson in Network Marketing: Don’t Answer What Can Be Found - A perfect companion to not catering to the week.


Lots of people ask questions and that’s ok. It’s GOOD when downline asks questions. It means they’re interested and want to learn. But it’s BAD when you give them too many answers.




Yep. It’s bad to answer their questions. Being the answer man or woman is not intelligent. It’s shortsighted.


Desiring to be the “go to girl” or man is not only counterproductive to duplication, it’s egotistical. From a duplication perspective, I want my team to completely forget who I am.


So when my team asks me a question, I point them to a resource that can answer their question a COUPLE times. After that I simply let them know “He who seeks, will find.”


If I don’t have a resource that will answer their question, I will create it, then point future people to it.




Because the resource is duplicatable. I am not.


A downline’s ability to seek answers is duplicatable. I am not.


Case in point, we had one of the most amazing people on our team ask a question about the compensation plan that I had to personally answer for a while. I knew that we didn’t have a good resource to answer her questions so I took care of it then and there.


But THEN I made it a priority to make a resource that not only I can use for future inquiries but so can she.


If you’re interested in seeing how I explain a compensation plan, here is the video I made.


Ingrain this in your team early or suffer the consequences of having a full time job answering Facebook messages and texts all day.


Quote I Love: “All cruelty springs from weakness.”


Another Quote I Love: "Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach."


A Revelation: Choosing Your Pain - I listened to a podcast about an “accidental” millionaire. The host told the story of an engineer who lived an incredibly modest and in my opinion, boring life. He never strove to be in management, never had crazy hobbies, never did much…


But he did work hard, have a small six figure income and stayed steady.


Over the years he always invested into his index funds and just left them alone. Nothing special, nothing erratic, nothing fancy. Just consistency.


And at 55 he had paid off the modest house he and his wife bought, had over a million dollars in his retirement accounts was excited to keep working until he no longer could.


Listening to his story helped me realize that if “peace” was my goal, I could stop right now. And with a small amount of effort, we probably all could.


Ashley and I could go get marketing jobs paying six figures each, we could work 9-5, live a modest life and completely forget about the stress of running a business, dealing with haters and the pain of “desire.”


We could live comfortably while investing slowly into our index funds and mimic what this “accidental” millionaire did.


Sometimes when I think about my “why” I come back to money in some way. I think “I’m doing this so that I can make so much money that no one in my family ever has to worry about money.”


But when I dig into it deeper, what I’m really saying is - “I want mental peace.”


I want to stop striving.


But here’s the thing, if that was truly the goal - to have “peace” - we could stop.


So why do we keep striving, while lying to ourselves?


Because we’re not after peace.


We’re after growth, contribution and impact.


Growth is the lifeblood of the soul and contribution is it’s brother.


Sometimes I despise the chaos of life and chase after peace. Only to find it and desire chaos.


So I came to the conclusion that I will no longer tell myself I’m after more money to have more “peace”.


Not only is it a moving target but it’s a stupid goal.


I’m after more personal growth and contribution to the world.


With that comes chaos.


I’m deciding to embrace the chaos instead of fighting it. After all, most entrepreneurs THRIVE off of change, evolution and a form of “chaos.”


Talk soon,




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