Many times the path to growth is not doing new things but removing bad things.


In fact, it’s actually easier to grow fast than it is to grow slow.


You may have heard this in other ways such as the “law of scale” which essentially means that businesses are more stable with speed and size.


Think about Coca-Cola. They couldn’t survive if they were small. Selling 5 cans per day. They survive with the law of scale.


So in 2022, there are 3 things that every network marketer who wants to go full time should STOP doing.

Best part about this?


You’ll be happy to stop doing them. It’s not like I’m telling you to stop spending time with your family to go hunt people at grocery stores.


I’m telling you to stop doing stuff that sucks anyway and it just so happens to be holding you back.


Here’s the video again:


Let’s crush 2022.


Talk soon,




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