When I say unlimited leads I really mean UNLIMITED leads.


There’s a lot of wordplay out there in this industry.


Some people say an “automated” recruiting system and they just mean an automated video.


Some people say “unlimited” leads and they actually mean that there’s ‘no limit’ to the leads you can generate because “there’s 7 billion people” in the world.


It makes me sick.


Here’s what “unlimited leads” means to me: That you can build a system that brings in 10 or 1,000 leads per day with no extra effort on your part once it’s built.


So you can focus on leading your team and enrolling new reps.


Here’s the video explaining the three steps:

But here’s what I want you to remember - most lead gen in all business and definitely network marketing is what I call “active lead gen”.


Which means that you personally have to spend the time to generate the leads.


I prefer “leveraged lead gen” which refers to a true system that AUTOMATICALLY generates leads for you at ANY scale.


That’s unlimited.


Anyway, here is the video showing you how we get 50 - 1,000 leads per day and how you can do the same.


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