I've been talking about this a lot this week but you need to see this...


Over the last week I’ve revealed my exact process on how to recruit 30 people a month personally using ads & simple funnels.


Not only that but I’ve also showed you how to duplicate the entire strategy through your team no matter where you’re starting from.


In fact, the duplication lesson itself could easily save you 1-2 years of pain because it took us about 18 months to identify and solve the duplication issue in our team.


Bottom line is I don’t want you to miss this.


So I’ve put together all three lessons for you to access here:

Now here’s the weakness to this training.


It’s free.


Entirely free.


People pay attention when they pay. And I’m going out on a limb giving this to you.


Seriously this is EXACTLY what we’re doing to build our business and many of these lessons we charge top level prices for.


So pretend you just dropped a few grand to learn this.


If you don’t, this will be digital paperweight.


But if you treat this properly, I’m literally giving you the keys to a 6-figure per month business.


Here it is again: https://sponsoringphd.zacharyspear.com/ytunlocked3


Talk soon,




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