If you’re here I’m sure I don’t need to sell you on the fact that you shouldn’t be prospecting anyone yourself manually.
I had a broke guy (assuming but probably true) comment on an ad recently that said “Network marketing is all about relationships, you don’t need Facebook ads.”
Sad part is… he’s dead wrong.
Unless you want no life.
And want to prospect losers all day.
IDK about you but I don’t really care about building relationships with the employee at Walmart if he’s not getting in my business. 
What you need is to leverage yourself and prospect while you sleep.
You need to generate leads while you sleep so when you’re awake you actually sign people up and lead your team.
Why would you do anything yourself that could be automated? 
But you already get that.
You came to learn how to find your prospects. Because they’re already out there. You just have to get your message in front of them.
Here’s how:


The bottom line is this:


Audience insights and Google keyword planner.


With those two tools, you can easily find out how many people are ripe for your message because…




Can you imagine if everyone had a sign around their neck that said “I’m searching for a home based business”?


If they did, you’d know exactly who to speak with and who not to.


This is EXACTLY what you can do with the tools I just mentioned.


And this video shows you how to think about them properly so you can truly step into the land of a business owner.


Here it is again:


Talk soon,



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