Some ads lose money, some breakeven, some profit and some hit it HUGE…


Clearly the very best ads that you can hit it huge with are those that target cold traffic since the opportunity for scale is so big.


But the really big money in advertising is from…




There are TONS of different methods of retargeting that range in complexity and scale.


And yes, you can do it too - most likely where you’re at right now.


You can learn more about my methods right here in this video I made a couple days ago:

Now, will you get even more results as you have more people to retarget? Of course. And that’s the beauty of it...


As your business grows, so does your prospect pool - retargeting them is the SINGLE GREATEST opportunity for ROI.


I was always baffled that traditional network marketing doesn’t know how to re-market to prospects that originally said no.


In fact, in my first 6 years we estimate that I personally prospected over 20,000 people on the phone or in person.


The sad part is that EVERY SINGLE ONE of them had no idea who I was if they didn’t get enrolled the first time we spoke.


I was leaving the very best pool of people on the table to be recruited by someone else later on.


I still remember no less than 10 old prospects being enrolled in other companies when I contacted them again years later after I learned this.


That’s not a feeling you want to have.


So take my word for it - RETARGET your prospects - especially the ones who initially said no.


This video shows you how:


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