It’s no secret that Facebook ads are a PITA for network marketers (and basically every other form of business opportunity out there).
However, they’re still the best form of advertising if you’re spending less than $200-$300 per day.
Translation: They’re the highest performing form of advertising if your goal is to recruit under 30 people per month personally. 
But they can be temperamental, especially if you’re not following a proven path.
Either way, if you’re moving to YouTube ads because Facebook hates you or because you’re just diversifying your traffic sources, we have to realize that it’s an entirely different beast.
Up til recently, I’ve been fairly quiet on sharing what we’ve been doing on YouTube because I wasn’t about to preach something that we didn’t have results from.
It’s now been 9+ months of results from YouTube ads so I’m comfortable sharing what works.

This video reveals the nitty gritty:


But here’s what I really need you to realize…


The video itself is THE most important thing on YouTube ads. In fact, I think it’s 90% responsible for the success of an ad.


Contrast that to Facebook where around 50% of the success of a campaign is attributed to targeting, optimization and set up.


Combine that with the fact that the way you structure your pitch in a YouTube ad is way different.


It’s a whole new ball game.


But have no fear, it’s actually pretty easy once you know the formula.


And I go over the exact formula we’re using in this video:


Also, I referenced an actual live ad that we have running. You can check that out here:


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